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Giving Homeopathic remedies 

Every homeopathic prescriber has their own approaches, so follow their direction. This will give you a few of the major ways to dose homeopathic medicines and the history behind them. Remedies come in different forms:  tablets, tiny granules, big pellets, liquids.

I may suggest one of 3 ways of administering the remedy depending on the health of your animal.

1. “Dry” dosing. Here the amount is NOT critical ‑ we just want some of the remedy given. One dose is approximately one tablet, 2 ‑ 4 big pellets, a small pinch(10‑20) of granules. Never worry about the quantity. It is holographic and a little bit is as good as a lot. This is how the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann, administered remedies in the 4th edition of his text. Most veterinary homeopaths and a lot treating people use this method.

If using tablets or big pellets, put in folded paper (corner of old envelope) and crush with a hard object.  Tiny granules do not need crushing. Pour the powder or granules into the front of your pet’s mouth, on the tongue or anywhere, or into the pouch in the corner of the mouth.  The remedy will dissolve on the gums or tongue. They do NOT have to swallow, just let it dissolve in the mouth.  It is OK if they do swallow.

Most importantly get the remedy into your animal without stressing them. The following guidelines can be ignored. They are just guidelines.

  1. While it is better to not touch the remedies, you can as long as you are not undergoing homeopathic treatment and your hands do not have strong odors on them (essential oils, chlorox, DMSO, etc).
  2. It is best to not give the remedy within 30 minutes of eating, if possible, but again do not stress yourself too much over this.
  3. It is best to put directly in the mouth.  Next best, put granules in a tiny amount of water, milk, or cream (1‑2 T), stir 20 times and put in mouth. Least best is to give in food.

2.Plussing In the fifth edition, Hahnemann choose a more gentle way to administer remedies that seemed to prevent needless aggravations and seemed to more closely match the improvements in the vital force. Put 2 (of the big granules or tablets) or more (of the tiny ones) into 1Cup (I may give you different amounts) of water in a jar you can shake. Let it sit at least 30 minutes. The give it two (or I may say more) hard “succussions” – hard vertical shakes. Take two drops from the jar and put into 1 Cup (again I may give you different amounts) of water. Offer it to your animal. If they take even one tongue lap, that is enough. If not, give them a few drops. Discard that cup (water your plants with it). For each succeeding dose, shake the jar again, put 2 drops in the water, offer it, give some, discard the new dilution. If you are not clear, contact me. It can be healing to label the water according to Dr. Emoto “thank you, water, for healing _____(animal’s name)” along with the remedy, potency and date.

3. LM method. In the sixth edition (and last one), which was not published until decades after his death, Hahnemann developed an entirely different system, the LM potencies. I will send you a dropper bottle or have you order one from 888-689-1608 (Jim Klemmer). The dropper bottle is like the jar above – you do not discard it. Shake the bottle hard (I will tell you how many successions), then put 2 drops into 1 Cup of water (again, amounts may be altered for your animal), offer it, dose it, discard it, and wash the cup with boiling water. Next dose, shake the stock bottle, and repeat.

STORAGE:  Keep remedies tightly closed and in a separate box. Keep out of sunlight, below 120 degs F, and away from electromagnetic fields like TVs, refrigerators, etc.  Keep away from very strong smelling compounds ‑ eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, vicks vapor rub, etc. The paper storage closet is often a good place. If granules fall on the table or floor, throw them away. Ignore the expiration date: remedies are good for a lifetime. Ignore everything on the label except the remedy name and potency.


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