Which Chinese element is your dog?

Dr. Doug Knueven’s blog is fun today. I have suggested signing up for his blog before. Today he looks at how different dog breeds personify the five elements in TCVM (traditional Chinese veterinary medicine).

The Fire constitution

  • typical toy poodle – full of excitement and enthusiasm. Of course any breed can be a fire constitution.
  • Dr. Doug goes on to say how a fire constitution may act when out of balance: deficiency is sad, lonely, and lacks interest. Excess is  over-excited with manic or inappropriate behavior.
  • Organ: heart.

The Earth constitution

  • Labrador Retriever, a gentle caregiver who hovers, nurtures, and protects.
  • Deficiency: excessive worry. Excess: clingy and possessive.
  • Organ:  digestive system with obesity, food intolerance, and diarrhea.

The Metal constitution

  • Border Collie focused on getting things done RIGHT.
  • Deficiency: inability to form lasting bonds and tends toward isolation. Excess: inflexibility and an extreme need for control.
  • Organ: respiratory system so lung problems such as asthma or pneumonia.

The Water constitution

  • St. Bernard who tend to be “thinkers, not doers.”
  • Deficiency: fearful and easily discouraged. Excess:  stubbornness.
  • Organ: birth defects, kidney and bladder issues, and deafness.

The Wood constitution

  • Jack Russell Terrier who is always active and doing something.
  • Deficiency: uncertainty, has low self-confidence, and is easily dominated. Excess: anger,  aggressiveness, impatience and frustration.
  • Organ:  liver, vomiting bile and red eyes.

Madalyn Ward’s Holistic Horsekeeping site is a great site and her blog has a very long section on horse typing with foods and issues. She has a separate site that introduces you to each element including much more than I list here.

Fire: eager to please, fine boned, sensitive

Earth: easy going, willing, “let’s be a team.”

Metal: Hard working, tough, aloof

Water: Sensitive, strong willed, athletic

Wood: I will win; strong willed, competitive.


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