Yeasty skin

On my facebook page I asked what people want to learn more about, what they need help with. Yesterday’s post covered the basics of EVERY SINGLE disease that can affect people or animals, so read that first.

Carole asked:How to remedy Yeast skin disease, in a holistic way.

Having set the stage in the prior post, remember to focus on the whole animal – Behavior, appetite, energy, mood and all the Early warning Signs. If an animal is healthy enough to keep the ailment on the skin – HOORAY!!! this is great…and a clue that you have not yet found what will keep them healthy. do not focus on yeast – focus on building health. 1. feed a fresh food diet, preferably raw. This cures 60% of any skin diseases. 2. Feed apple cider vinegar daily. 3. Give great skin supplements from your local health food store. 4. Brush frequently 5. exercise a lot 6. Learn Reiki and offer it daily. 7. Use rescue remedy if there is itching. Add to gentle soap for bathing and in the rinse water. 8. Maybe harder to access, but equally powerful are Therapeutic touch, Healing touch for animals, acupressure. If these do not do it – seek TCVM or homeopathic care.

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