Better health for your cherished companions 

Your pets can be much healthier. As a holistic veterinarian for over 30 years I have seen whole families become and stay healthy.



I am committed to empowering you to heal yourself and your animal companions in ways that heal the planet.

Do you feel challenged, confused or frustrated


  • Your pet’s health & wellbeing
  • Your options about the correct diet for your pets
  • Your options of supplementation, when, how or what is lacking or needed
  • Feeling confident that you have chosen the best professional team to treat & advise you as a pet guardian
  • Concern’s about recommendations and potential side effects of drugs, vaccinations, heartworm, flea remedies, hairball gels and more
  • Feeling a lack of understanding when it comes to alternatives and options in the health arena
  • Feeling confident about the life decisions you are faced with regarding your pets
  • Feeling overwhelmed and or confident about  being the best pet parent you can be
  • Know there must be other ways to heal your pets so euthanasia was not needed?

You have two choices:
ONE – schedule a Pet Health Coaching Session with me. Schedule a phone consultation with me – Discover how you can build animal and family health in ways that help the planet.
TWO – dig into this site which offers:

  • Check the early warning signs and start evaluating your animal’s health
  • Learn more – Better understand your animal’s health issues and discover a wide spectrum of affordable and effective healing options.  A great place to start is at the  7 Keys To Health then in-depth articles.
  • Discover the health products I recommend – See how your animal companions can thrive with the help of herbs, flower essences, nutritional supplements, foods and more.
  • Track your animal’s health – Learn which treatments, foods and practitioners address the cause rather than temporarily alleviating the symptoms. The Healthy Animal’s Journal makes this very easy.
  • Create an integrative healing team – Explore my referral links and articles to select the best holistically trained practitioners.
  • In 30 years of holistic practice and teaching I can tell you to never give up. Any ailment can be cured though not in every animal.  Cancer, tumors, pancreatitis, allergies, digestive problems, seizures…anything can respond to one or more of the deeply healing modalities.

To improve health and quality of life for your animals, explore the above menu and return to see new and updated information.

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Email me and I’ll answer your questions.  Or share your success stories!

Recording your animal’s symptoms in a journal and understanding the response to treatment will greatly improve health. Order here.

Check out the Healthy Animal's Journal


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