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Well, to toot my horn, I, Dr. Christina Chambreau, am an international speaker on holistic approaches to health. Though very conventional when I graduated from Georgia in 1980, my practice was mostly homeopathic and holistic by 1988. Because of demand, most of my clients work with me by phone or email

Spring 2014 – Washington DC .
Fall 2014 in Calgary, Alberta

May 17, 18 2014 Los Angeles School of Homeopathy – using homeopathy for animals – for people familiar with basic homeopathy. 

I am committed to empowering you to heal yourself and your animal companions in ways that heal the planet.  This site offers you ways to:

  • Check the early warning signs and start evaluating your animal’s health
  • Learn more - Better understand your animal’s health issues and discover a wide spectrum of affordable and effective healing options.  A great place to start is at the  7 Keys To Health.
  • Discover the health products I recommend - See how your animal companions can thrive with the help of herbs, flower essences, nutritional supplements, foods and more.
  • Track your animal’s health - Learn which treatments, foods and practitioners address the cause rather than temporarily alleviating the symptoms. The Healthy Animal’s Journal makes this very easy.
  • Schedule a phone consultation with me - Discover how you can heal your animals and keep them healthy in ways that help the planet.
  • Create an integrative healing team - Explore my referral links and articles to select the best holistically trained practitioners.

To improve health and quality of life for your animals, explore the above menu and return to see new and updated information.

Also join me on the monthly live  blogtalk radio show second Wed, usually from 10:30 to 11:30 Eastern - Blog talk RADIO SHOW  (and listen to past talks at the site).

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Recording your animal’s symptoms in a journal and understanding
the response to treatment will greatly improve health. Order here.

Check out the Healthy Animal's Journal


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