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Flower Essences

This 100% safe deeply healing modality was started by Dr. Edward Bach, a homeopathic doctor in England.  He discovered he could achieve deep cures more easily using these gentle flower essences. Since then, many other healers have developed combination and single essences from flowers (and other substances like viruses, toxins, bacteria, trees, etc.) that are excellent for any emotional issues and can often heal or help with physical ailments as well. They can be used along with conventional medicine and any other healing approach. Every home needs Rescue Remedy on hand for any emergency or stressful time.

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Bach Flower Remedies for Animals by Vlamis and Graham is my go to book for Bach Flower treatments. They describe each of the 38 essences and I know as you begin to read you will immediately see remedies you want to try on specific animals (or yourself). Under each flower essence they discuss physical ailments as well as in a great chart and in a good index.


Healing Animals Naturally With Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening by a wonderful animal communicator, Sharon Callahan. She uses many case examples from her practice to describe the many emotional and physical benefits of flower essence therapy.

Reflections of the Heart What Our Animal Companions Tell Us by Sharon Callahan, who is one of the early animal intuitives who has developed her own flower essence line.

Flower Essences for Animals: Remedies for Helping the Pets You Love, by Lila Devi, covers large and small animals (even a turtle), showing benefits for a wide range of problems both emotional and physical. She gives you the tools you need to use these gentle and effective healers.

Animal Healing with Australian Bush Flower Essences  by Marie Matthews shows how these unique essences can safely help physical and emotional issues.

Prozac Free Pets — Simple, Safe, Holistic Treatments for Your Pets’ Little (and not so little) Behavioral and Emotional Problems by Kimberly Rockshaw who has a small sanctuary for abandoned animals with severe illnesses.

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