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Nurturing your cat and should they drink water

Dr. Becker has a great post about 10 things people need to do to nurture their cats, some of which may be forgotten in our busy lives. I have ordered them a bit differently for my readers. Ignoring pain since cats can be very stoic. If you are using the Journal and tracking the EWS [...]

Which Chinese element is your dog?

Dr. Doug Knueven's blog is fun today. I have suggested signing up for his blog before. Today he looks at how different dog breeds personify the five elements in TCVM (traditional Chinese veterinary medicine). The Fire constitution typical toy poodle - full of excitement and enthusiasm. Of course any breed can be a fire constitution. Dr. Doug [...]

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Separation Anxiety

Karyn Garvin has written a book , Separation Anxiety versus Containment Phobia, to help those with destructive, anxious, can't be left at home alone dogs. Following on my mindfulness article, I like how she suggests that your thoughts may be contributing to the problem. You love your dog so much that you are worried what is [...]

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Introducing children to pets

From Pet Pav's newsletter has a good basic article on introducing children and pets, as well as thinking out which breeds to get, by Dr. Dwight Alleyne. I would, of course, add a large number of holistic support systems that he does not cover, such as: have all family members, even children, learn Tellington T-Touch(classes, books, videos) and [...]

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Introducing cats to dogs

the following is a great article that Tricia asked to be shared with everyone as she is passionate about helping critters get along. I also recommend reading Anitra Frazier's book, The Natural Cat, as she goes into great detail for new cats. I do disagree with Tricia on one thing - it is fine for [...]

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Raw food and aggression

A newsletter reader asked: do you have more information on Steve Brown’s research on a possible correlation between  raw meat diets and aggression? I have a personal interest because I’ve observed this in my cats and have been unable to find an explanation beyond what I believe is an energy issue: raw food has more [...]

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the Soul of All Living Creatures

Just read a great book from the library - only wish he had holistic options in his bag of tricks. Vint Virga is a veterinary behaviorist who has treated animals from pets to zoos and mostly focuses on the animal/person interaction from the larger picture of love of all life. We give. They give. We [...]

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