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Choosing conventional or holistic for a spinal tumor or any illness

I am always so excited when people look to holistic options. Too often it is when conventional medicine, as with this dog, has little to offer. I strongly encourage everyone to be doing holistic approaches for every animal, all the time. The 7 keys to health are a great place to start. You may think [...]

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Homeopathy cures deeply

Wendy Jensen, who wrote Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy has written an article for a homeopathy website that is excellent and a bit challenging since I cannot get my husband to shift over to this view. In it, she gives this case of a dog cured of osteosarcoma who became healthier emotionally as well (as [...]

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After the November Newletter: This as a very informative newsletter!!!!  Thank you!!! As I have a dog with cancer, and am trying to keep him comfortable as long as possible, I will be watching his tongue. Colleen dear colleen and others whose animals have cancer. Much can be done, and sometimes, animals can be completely cured. [...]

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