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Feeding cats – what is SDAP?

Dr. Becker did a post today about a food additive (SDAP - spray dried animal protein) being used to make foods more palatable to cats and to provide more nutrition. The first two commenters asked what to do with this information? What to feed? One had an overweight cat who lost weight (though was constipated and [...]

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Training cats

A wonderful woman , Laurie, who runs fundraisers to fund veterinary care for people who do not have enough money, posted recently on a topic that I think is so critical. In the Healthy Animal's Journal (cat one will be out very soon), I walk you through looking for the early warning signs of internal [...]

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Pets can save the world

Well, really, the choices you make for your companion animals can save the world. You know many of them and have shared many with me - sustainably raised food ingredients, locally sources beds and toys, visiting the ill/infirm/aged and so many more. Here is a different slant on how your feeding choices (and maybe others [...]

Nurturing your cat and should they drink water

Dr. Becker has a great post about 10 things people need to do to nurture their cats, some of which may be forgotten in our busy lives. I have ordered them a bit differently for my readers. Ignoring pain since cats can be very stoic. If you are using the Journal and tracking the EWS [...]

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