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Can we Trust FDA?

A recent business list serve discussed how trustworthy the new FDA is to monitor pet drugs and foods. They have recently been promoting their role with pets as well as people. So far there have been mixed reactions from the group. 1. Me - I certainly do not ever tell clients to rely on government evaluations [...]

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Bravo Pet Food Recal

Sign up for up dates with Pet Food Recall if you are not making your pet's food yourself. The newest is one I would not worry about - Bravo found some Listeria and possibly a few dogs with diarrhea. "1) These products are being recalled because they many have the potential to be contaminated with [...]

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Food Recall

Again - a reason to buy most of your ingredients locally where you can actually see the animals running around and see the bags of feed (look for non-GMO). PMI Nutrition, LLC recalls Red flannel Cat food due to possible salmonella contamination on 1/27/2014.

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AVMA report on 2013 and holistic comments

AVMA's report on the highlights of 2013 deserve comments. Animal illnesses and deaths linked to jerky treats made in China continued to stump researchers, and an FDA alert to veterinarians and the public intensified the scrutiny of the issue. DR. C - Why would we purchase treats when our own locally raised food make the best treats [...]

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Food recall

Most dogs and cats will not get Salmonella, especially those who are being holistically treated, so there is not a big reason to worry about these recalls. One reason I post them is to encourage you to buy fresh ingredients, raised locally, to feed yourself and your animals. These recalls can be important for people [...]

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Food recalls

Natura Pet Foods (Evo, Innova, Healthwise, Karma) has announced an expanded voluntary recall from the finding of Salmonella contamination in cat food treats to find out all the products involved. or Also, Bravo is having voluntary recall on one product, the 2 pound chicken blend:

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Treat recall

Making your own treats certainly by passes these challenges. Also, the healthier your animals are, the less mold or a small amount of a toxin will bother them. Keep checking the Early Warning Signs and keep your journals up. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine® voluntarily recalls its Dogcandy® Brand of Holiday Hound Cake (7.5 Oz.) and Blueberry [...]

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Food recall – maybe

Nature's Variety says they are recalling the following because there is an off-putting odor to these bags. They are not contaminated. They may not be quite as nutritious, but if you are supplementing as I suggest with fresh meat and vegetables, I would not worry at all. UPC# 7 69949 60420 4 – Prairie Beef Meal [...]

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Salmonella in Dog Food

First, a funny story.  Howard and I rode from the airport to Talliquah, OK. After he checked in we asked for a restaurant recommendation from the desk. For the next few lines I am writing how the words sounded to me, not how they are truly spelled. The clerk replied, "many folks like Salmonellas." "What," we [...]

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