Anal Glands

From the Animal Wellness Magazine Ask the Vet questions I am answering:

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Q.  What is the best food or protein to feed for problems with anal glands?

A.  Anal gland issues are one the Early Warning Signs of internal imbalance. From the holistic perspective we realize that most problems are caused by the dog trying to heal at a deep level. Therefore the best diet is one most likely to maximize health. Since every animal is different, you may need to experiment with different proportions of meats and vegetables, read some of the wonderful Animal Wellness articlesabout fresh foods. From my 30 years of holistic practice, I find most dogs are healthiest when fed locally sourced high quality ingredients, just like you would eat. Their digestive systems are geared for raw meaty bones and pureed vegetables. Increasing the fiber with vegetables (not grains) may help, and some find help from adding pureed (or canned) pumpkin to the diet. However, sometimes diet is not sufficient and other holistic approaches are needed.

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