AVMA and homeopathy

Many of you have heard about the resolution sent by the Connecticut Veterinary Board to the AVMA House of Delegates to ban the use of homeopathy by veterinarians. The leaders in the AHVMA and the AVH have worked diligently (even flying out to the meeting) to educate the delegates about homeopathy. You can read the ongoing reports at the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy website. Current update is GREAT –

(from the AVH website): On January 5, 2013, the American Veterinary Medical Association’s House of Delegates, representing all the states and many allied organizations, voted on Resolution 3: “Homeopathy has been identified as an ineffective practice and its use is discouraged.” This had been brought to the HOD by the CT State VMA without any discussion or input from the veterinary homeopathic community.

The resolution was not passed but was referred to the Executive Council of the AVMA with the recommendation that it then be sent on to the committee doing a general review of all CAVM guidelines.

Since the Executive Board had voted against the resolution before the delegate vote, hopefully  it’ll fizzle out in committee.

The AVH and AHVMA will continue to work with the AVMA to defend our clients’ right to obtain homeopathic therapy for their animals from trained veterinarians.

What can you do to help preserve the ability of veterinarians to treat your animals with homeopathy?

* Do not call AVMA and complain or be angry.

* Right now do not call AVMA at all (we will put out an appeal if needed)

* Write up the history of all your animals who have benefited from homeopathy, starting with when you first got the animal, and including all treatments along with homeopathy. I will let you know when and where to send them.

* Some veterinarians, myself included, would love some volunteers to enter our cases into the computer as well.

Most importantly, keep using veterinarians who prescribe homeopathy

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