Fecal Transplant and more cures Parvo Pup –

Check out wonderful Dr. Becker’s latest post at Mercola for a success story using holistic approaches  -including MBRT (Micro Biome Restorative Therapy), otherwise known as fecal transplant. Our gut has thousands of microorganisms, each one needed for a healthy immune system as well as good digestion. While becoming very popular, pro and pre biotics have very few organisms. IF you can find a healthy dog or cat (or person) you feed some stool, or give an enema and there can be dramatic results as Dr. Becker’s post and many of the comments describe.

to summarize: Felix, a yellow Labrador Retriever was given his first round of puppy shots at six weeks by the breeder, and the family brought him home at eight weeks.

About 10 days after Felix arrived, he became slightly ill. At the local emergency veterinary hospital, they found the prior titer tests were negative for both parvo and distemper and he tested positive for parvovirus.

Felix was in isolation for two day without showing any additional symptoms, then suddenly crashed – bloody putrid diarrhea, vomiting, & lethargy.

During the next 14 days, he was barely maintained on IV fluids, feeding tube and other supportive therapy. There was a three-day period when the vets couldn’t even get a blood pressure reading on him. Euthanasia was suggested.

The clients called Dr. Becker for suggestions at that point. The Emergency clinic was very supportive, giving the recommended IgA injections, homeopathic parvo nosode and a fecal transplant (MBRT- Micro Biome Restorative Therapy).

Between 24 and 36 hours after the treatments began, he started looking and acting like his old puppy self again. He wasn’t completely back, but seemed to be on his way. He was responding to his name and looking brighter than he had in almost a week.

Eight months since he recovered from parvo, he is completely healthy, still on the IgA supplements along with probiotic supplements. He is happy and healthy.

Share here if you have had success with MBRT or any other holistic treatments.

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