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The series has been so much fun!  The positive feedback and testimonies about the learning and shifts that have been taking place because of this series have been pouring in!  In celebration, Friday, August 24-Sunday August 26 will be a free replay weekend!  Anyone who signs up will have access to replay all 11 interviews on natural and holistic ways to care for your animals-the current subscribers are so excited to revisit their favorite interviews! We’ve had the experts in natural Pet care speak on really fascinating topics for animals: Holistic Veterinarians, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Animal Communication, Quantum Touch, Dealing with the loss of an animal, Natural Dog Training, Reiki, EFT, Vibrational Therapy, The Body Code and Animals as Messengers.  Go to


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  1. I just listened to several of these free webinar recordings and some are definitely worth purchasing if you missed this free replay. Mindy King ( offers quantum healing for you and your cherished ones. Helps with healing, and communication, and lost animals, and learning to communicate with your animals yourself. Use pictures and colors (especially pink) to express feelings more than words. She has several nice packages.

  2. Listening to Ana Maria Vasquez’s Intentional Training Seminar’s free weekend (hopefully she will do it again.

    Now – Neil Sattin ( with Natural Dog Training. Magnetize your dog to do what you want.

    Relax the dog a lot. The normal social behaviors are based on being able to relax. Massaging gently. Be honest about your behavior – does it help the dog relax or be stressed? Often it is good to ignore your dog a lot in the house. Keep it calm since indoors is sharp and amplified to a dog (shiny, hard surfaces). Outdoors (or a play room – my thought) is the place to play hard. Inside is for relaxation.

    In his blog and on this show he points out that dogs rely on us to learn how to channel the energy coming at them from you and your household, both indoors and out. You stimulate them and 1. energy flows through them or 2. stores in them as in a battery. Teach your dog how to appropriately release energy in ways that are good for you and your dog.

    Much more great stuff.

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