8 thoughts on “Healthy Animal Update December 2014

  1. Happy new year to you too. Love your HAU. I am personally interested in anything to do with canine nutrition. My dogs eat mainly Oma’s Pride products with some extra goodies like coconut and olive oil and garlic thrown in but more knowledge is always helpful.

    thanks for the info and all do to help keep our dogs healthy.

    PS the info on the sentience of plants was fascinating.


    1. Dear Kathy,
      The very best nutrition is to feed fresh, so keep up with the goodies and experiment with fresh food – just like hopefully you eat! I am still trying to pray every moment I am preparing, harvesting and eating food.

  2. thank you, Dr Chambreau,
    for your helpful hints and reading suggestions.
    Like your “prayers over plants”. The problem with animal eating:
    we need to keep killing people, too, because it takes 7 times more acreage to fed a meat eater. Not a problem in areas where nothing else would grow ( as high up in
    mountains) , otherwise, a big problem.

    Love you and your work

    1. Yes, raising meat where crops could be raised can be an issue. My meat comes from small farms where they are raising lots of vegetables already and part of the health of the farm is the contribution the animals make.

      My concern is that in many countries where famine is an issue, people are now getting pets and feeding commercial food. That uses commercial meat sources who are raised in nasty ways. Yet dogs and cats cannot be vegetarian.

      Always looking for ways to have ;pets and live lightly on the planet. The best is to get “throw away” parts of the prey animals, but in many countries, people are eating those!

  3. i had a dog, Amo, she was vegetarian and was healthy and happy . Had healthy babies etc.
    A city dog is no hunter. My cat is different. I have to include meat. He is a hunter , a lot outdoors, i started freeze dried Barf, he loves it.
    Might move to the body parts of decent raised farm animals you suggested.

    1. I love hearing about some dogs who are really healthy as vegetarians. I see so many become more and more ill yet their parents insist on no meat. what did you feed Amo? while a city dog does not hunt, she still has the teeth, jaws and stomach of a hunter, so most do need meat.
      Hope your cat enjoys the body parts! and hunting is good, too.

  4. Hi, that is a really nice update. Regarding feeding of dogs I have to say that the raw diet (doctored to taste and belief!) Has been most beneficial to my gsd. It is high time that the pet food industry is brought into line with what really benefits our canine friends and we have to go with what is right for dogs, rather than merely buying (no pun intended) into what is most profitable for the manufacturers. Burger king does not do it for homosapiens, so we don’t have to accept what the multinationals in the dog food industry tell us. We have a duty of care to the dogs that we keep within our boundaries. My gsd has never been to a vet (touching all wood near me!!!!) And I sternly believe that what I have fed him is a major factor in this. Promote healthy eating (and that includes humans too),give generous exercise, and a liberal touch of tlc, and you have the formula for a positive, healthy life. Keep up the great work you do. Regards, Mike

    1. You are doing great Mike – I totally agree – good food (no GMO), no vaccines (except rabies), exercise and TLC. right on!!!! I would suggest an annual physical by a great integrative vet and maybe one by an animal intuitive, too.

      when you say it is high time for the pet food industry to catch up – not sure they can. when Purina starts a frozen raw meat diet I just cannot trust it. Even if good ingredients are used in foods, you never really know what is in processed foods. buy fresh ingredients – locally is best, then health food store (organic), then regular grocer. Hunted meat is great, too. Road kill (recent) is great, too.

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