Healthy Animal Update February 2013

Preventing future health issues by using the early warning signsMy apologies for not writing the newsletter last year.  I have made some blog posts during that time, so I would suggest signing up for the RSS feed, if you have not yet done so. This way you will get updates, like food recalls and new courses scheduled on a variety of subjects. Sign in by going to the top of the home page.

This year I will be covering the following:

February: Key to health – Review of responses to treatment – cure, palliation and suppression.
March: More on feeding a fresh food diet.
April: Homeopathy – the power to deeply heal – and a reminder to come to Vancouver BC for great classes in May.
May: End of life – death can be a wonderful new door; hospice care
June: Parasites – benefits of them as a clue to health; Heartworm, fleas, ticks
July: Preventing future health issues by using the early warning signs
August:  Vaccine update
September: Dental health – multiple approaches
October: Chinese Food therapy – individualizing your animal’s diet
November: New technologies – ozone, hyperbaric chambers, laser, stem cell therapy
December: Detoxification for horses, dogs, cats and people.

Each month I will present a case for you to decide if the treatment was curative, palliative or suppressive and why. Send me your answers and I will comment on them in a future newsletter.

My wonderful husband is writing and publishing kindle books on how to have a healthier life. We know that improving your health can improve your animals’ health. I will be sending some offers as separate emails (away from the newsletter. If you really do not want to get these occasional offers, email me at


Happy Health and healing




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