Holiday Cat Proofing

Thanksgiving and December holidays are coming so now is the time to think about safety for your cats and dogs.

Most importantly, take TIME to

  1. Relax and play the same amount you normally do – that is the very best gift your can give your cat.
  2. Think about how your plans will affect your cat(s). Are you planning a big party. Are people coming who are allergic to cats? How will you make their time in the house during the party fun? Give a new toy, new food treat, catnip, flower essences, Reiki, talk with a cat communicator first…etc.

Crawl around on the floor after your decorations are up. You know your cat(s). My totally ignores anything I put up. Others will eat tinsel (very very dangerous and would be an expensive surgery not needed in December), plants (holly, mistletoe and poinsettia are toxic), or climb into or onto all decorations (knock down the whole tree, bat at low decorations and break them maybe injuring themselves, bat at ribbons and bows then eat them (again – trip to surgery is possible).

There is a Cat Fancy magazine article (dec 2014) with some fun ideas. One cat has a fear of thunder, so they placed a recording under the tree on very low and the cat stayed completely away and was not traumatized by it. Another got the great scent of pine by hanging greens along the ceiling edges and decorating them.

Scented candle. For the environment and live beings health – do not burn commercial petroleum candles. Look for soy or vegetable oil candles. Try to buy locally, best from the maker.  Check to be sure they are made with all soy as many are now using that as a come-on. Ask what the wicks are made from (common candles have a lead core and release toxins). Next, pay attention to your cats when candles are burning.

  1. Their sense of smell is so acute (14 times stronger than a person) that essential oils, even organic ones, can irritate them or even make them ill.
  2. Location: active, leaping cats can knock over the candles, causing injury to themselves or burning down your house.

Other essential oil/potpourri/scented pine cones, etc. Again. watch to be sure it is not bothering them.


happy and safe holidays and fun the year around.


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