Most of you know that I do not recommend using nosodes in lieu of vaccines except in a few situations.  They are definitely effective after exposure for many animals. Therefore, if frequently repeated, they can be used in young animals on a weekly basis hoping that if exposed, the weekly dose will be soon enough to prevent (though i would prefer careful observation of surroundings and giving only when you think there is exposure).

A recent article in the NCH newsletter give some historical perspective on this.

A few excerpts:

Dengue Fever – studies and treatments from 1996 to 2014 showed significant efficacy during epidemics (after exposure). In 1996 almost 40,000 people took a homeoprophylactic during an epidemic and 23,520 people were tracked 10 days later, showing only .125% developed mild symptoms. WHO reports 40-90% attack rates.

The city of Macaé, Rio de Janeiro saw a decrease of disease incidence by 71% in 2008 compared to 2007 when homeoprophylactic was used. Another region not using it, saw an increase of 273%, and a third area saw an increase was 315%.

WOW! these and the many others listed are very important for world health.

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