Horses and essential oils

As I get ready to go to Maine to teach Introduction to Homeopathy (and all sorts of other ways to keep your animals healthy), I am thinking of Stacy Scotia who is hosting the class at Healing Spirit Farm. Her husband is a wonderful natural equine dentist (as was her mother-in-law, Jana). One time, as they often do, one of them offered some lavender essential oil before starting to work on a horse. She bolted to the back of her stall and acted like it was poison!  One of the others who did not have lavender on their hands had to work on this mare. Just a reminder that every horse (and all living beings) are unique.

The great magazine, Equine Wellness, has an article by Dr. Susan Albright in the Aug/Sept 2016 issue on pain relief using EOs. Lavender, Clove, Peppermint, Helichrysum, Copaiba and Wintergreen ear each discussed for treating specific situations.

In the Integrative Veterinary Care Journal (be sure your vet is getting this magazine) Dr. Mellissa Shelton ( discusses how important the quality of the oils is.

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