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Hyperthyroid and general approach to healing

I received a question from a concerned owner. I will use her questions to do a little teaching here about the holistic approach and how to help your animals the most.

Thank you soo much for this opportunity to ask questions. I just found
your site today and What an amazing site!

I have recently taken in my mothers 15 yr. old DSH male cat after her passing from cancer.
thank you so much for taking him in – I know your mother is helping you both.

He has always been healthy, beautiful skin and coat, perfect weight of ten lbs. Though during the course of the last few months he has taken a significant turn for the worse.

The first sign was a increased ravenous appetite w/weight loss.
whenever a live being develops these symptoms, especially an elderly one, you really need to get a good physical exam and probably blood work. Holistically and even conventionally it is so much easier to treat at the beginning of an illness, rather than after there are significant tissue changes.  If you are keeping a journal and checking the Early Warning Signs of Internal Imbalance on a regular basis, hopefully you would have noticed something amiss even before that. If you only have non-holistically open veterinarians in your area, remember that you are the owner of property (I know that is not how we consider our companions but legally it is useful) so you may ask for diagnosis only and not accept any treatment, even if they say you are killing your pet. Then you contact a phone call veterinarian, like one from the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, with the diagnosis. Better yet is to get in relationship with one now (locally or by phone), before your pets become ill. 

My first thought was worms so I wormed him with Para Gone by Only Naturals.
worms – OK, lets talk about worms. There are several kinds of intestinal worms that could cause ravenous appetite and weight loss. Usually there would also be diarrhea and vomiting. Rarely do very old cats get worms, but old cats frequently get thyroid problems that almost always have a ravenous appetite and weight loss. Knowing this is why it is so important to not try to diagnose illnesses, especially in older animals, without professional training. Round worms are usually transmitted in utero (young adults may pick them up outside from stools of other animals who are passing the eggs), so young puppies and kittens need to be treated for them, and since they can eat a lot of nutrients, I usually suggest the conventional treatments with one just for roundworms. Hookworms are also transmitted by an infected animal passing stool with eggs that are picked up on the feet, then licked. They suck blood, so can be life threatening, especially in young animals. A cat who is indoors would be unlikely to get either of these. Older animals can definitely get hookworms and sometimes the soil needs to be treated. When you are building health by following the 7 keys  your pets will be much less likely to get either of these. Dogs can also get whip worms and again, the best treatment for young animals is conventional for both hooks and whips. I do NOT recommend “preventing” worms by using a heartworm medicine that also protects against the above worms or fleas, too. Too many chemicals. For preventing heartworms,  and even for perspectives on treating them, read my article.

Now tapeworms are very different and animals of all ages, even some fairly healthy ones can get tapeworms. There are many many many different sub species of tapeworms and each one has an intermediate host and a final host. The intermediate host is not made ill by the worms, though the final host may have some illness, though not usually serious.  Dogs and cats usually get tapeworms from eating fleas, the intermediate host for one type.  Cats can also get another type by eating small rodents. The head of the tapeworm attaches to the intestinal wall and sucks out nutrients. connected to the head are multiple segments, sort of like a tootsie roll, each one full of tapeworm eggs. As the stool or food passes through, some of these segments fall off, passing out with the stool. You may see fresh ones on or in the stool looking like a white flat square or dried one looking like a grain of rice (from the curled up edges).  You may see a flat, wiggly square or rice grain near the anus, or even on the couch. Do not panic – they CANNOT infect you, your other dogs or cats. They can only infect a flea, and first they have to break open to release the eggs, as the flea could not eat this segment that is bigger than they are. Especially in a holistically treated pet, tapeworms cause little damage, so you can first try to treat them with flower essences (Spirit Essences‘ Para Outta Site, or others), herbs and nutritional supplements (garlic, wheat germ oil, ground pumpkin seed) and more.

No change, I then noticed his right eye began to get cloudy and he was still loosing weight and
also starting to vomit after every meal. I blamed old age for the eye and w/ much resistance got him to eat a natural canned food Holistic Choice. He would ONLY eat Friskey’s for my mom! That change has
stopped his vomiting except for and occasional spit up.
Excellent. The very best anyone can do for their cat is to get them off dry food or canned food with grains and onto fresh foods or at the least, a healthier canned food. Adding probiotics is always a good idea when animals are ill and when you are transitioning to new foods. I like Mitomax the best right now. 

He has lost a total of 6 lbs. With the weight loss I was able to detect a mass in his throat about the size of a pea that I wasn’t able to feel before. Upon finding that I decieded to check his Heart rate and found I could
barley count it due to its rapid rate somewhere around 200+. All symptoms seem to point towards Hyperthyroid?
you are right – these are symptoms of advanced hyperthyroidism which I would not suggest treating by yourself. There are many different treatments – some work for some cats and not for others, so you really need some training (taking homeopathy classes from me would help you realize when you need professional help) to be able to evaluate which treatments are working the best. 

I do not have a a holistic vet near me and the ones that aren’t will not do over the phone consults. They reqire the pet to bee seen and monitored through out the treatment process. Which is the wise course of action I know though impossible for me to do.
Homeopathic veterinarians will consult by phone – go to the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy to find ones who will. Be watching my facebook page for posts about all the conditions which have responded to homeopathic treatment, often by phone. Also, there may be a hidden veterinarian who does holistic, so always be sure you have checked all the organizations’ web sites.

I recently purchased Thyroid support Gold from Pet Wellbeing that I started him on yesterday. 2 drops twice
while this product has a lot of herbs that are used to treat hyperthyroid, it is not matching the specific symptoms your mom’s cat is showing. D’Arcy Naturals, for instance, has 3 different herbal and chinese herbal combination formulations to more closely match each animal. Pet Wellbeing’s may work for your cat, or it may not. animal Apawthecary also has a combination for hyperthyroidism with fewer herbs and sells the specific herbs separately. Again, this is why I recommend professional care when your animal has serious ailments. 

I hoped you could tell me if you think I am on the right course of treatment and any diet recommendations you feel would be best for this condition?

I forgot to mention that he is no longer as alert nor does he have any interest in anything other than food. This is a sad change also as he has always been perky and playful.
You will know if a treatment (chosen by you or prescribed by a trained professional) is working if he becomes more and more alert and playful (#1 and #4 of the 7 keys).

Also, I am sure that the stress of loosing his mom and depression plays a major part in all of the above.

Learning holistic approaches you can safely do yourself could have treated the loss of his mom right away. Reiki, Flower Essences, acupressure, Healing touch for animals, Hydrosols, other energy healing techniques (quantum touch, etc) are 100% safe, so you can try them and use them all the time, especially if you are looking for the increased alertness and playfulness and keeping a journal. You can study enough to use homeopathy safely for emotional issues like grief, some acute problems and even to begin chronic treatments. 

About the Author:

Christina Chambreau, DVM, graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary College in 1980 and has had a Homeopathic Veterinary Practice since 1988. She is co-founder and was Chair for the Academy of Veterinary homeopathy. She is the author of Healthy Animal’s Journal: What You Can Do to Have Your Dog or Cat Live a Long and Healthy Life; Healthy Dog Journal ebook; Fleas Be Gone kindle; and co-author of Tutorial and Workbook for the Homeopathic Repertory and How to Have a Stress Free Wedding and Live Happily Ever After. She has written and is quoted in many magazines. She lectures at veterinary conferences around the world. She speaks and gives classes for animal enthusiasts and practitioners. She is committed to empowering people to heal their animals and themselves in a way that heals the planet.

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