Itchy ears – first steps

This is a frequent email request for help – My dog has been shaking his head for a few days/weeks. when I look in the ear I see a little brown debris. They are not red. He does not scratch them very much. There is a yeasty odor.

A common answer is “go directly to your veterinarian.”  As a holistic veterinarian and consultant, I do not think you need to rush to the veterinarian. Unless your dog is absolutely miserable, I would do several things.

  1. Take the time to find a great holistic veterinarian who is local to you.
  2. If none are local, partner with a homeopathic veterinarian before you go in for any conventional diagnosis, as they can help you avoid excessive treatment and diagnosis (probably a culture and sensitivity is not needed for these symptoms, for example).
  3. While doing this, treat the ear yourself – first warm some olive oil and put 4 drops of rescue remedy or other emergency flower essence in 2 Tablespoons of the warm olive oil. Dribble some into both ears and gently rub (may want to do this outside as he will shake) the base of the ear. Do this twice a day.
  4. Find someone who will do Reiki – it can be done from afar, or in person. Take a Reiki attunement yourself as soon as you can so you can help your dog in the future with any pain or itchy problems.
  5. Start feeding a raw food diet (see my many blogs on this or the articles in the article section), or at least supplement with vitamin E and a good essential fatty acid supplement (preferably from the pet section of the health food store or your local healthy dog product store).
  6. By the time you have connected with a holistic vet (local or phone), if the ears are no better – have them examined.
  7. Read the many great holistic animal health books (see my favorite book section) for more ideas and food guidance.
  8. If you do go to a conventional veterinarian, be sure to not get any vaccines.
  9. Check your dog for the Early Warning Signs of Illness

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