Learn healing modalities while you feast your eyes

Even though we are 3 months into 2013, it is well worth your time and money to purchase the second Dr. Show More calendar. for $15 you will see wonderful veterinarians (including world famous Dr. Michael Fox in the centerfold), artistically and tastefully nude,  and learn about sustainable practices for the planet, new treatments and old.  Profit goes to scholarships. Order now.

Included this year:

  1. Craniosacral
  2. Homeopathy
  3. Hyperbaric oxygen chambers
  4. Ozone therapy
  5. Wildlife Rehab
  6. Thermal Imaging
  7. Acupuncture and chinese herbs
  8. Western Herbs
  9. Chiropractic
  10. Fresh food nutrition
  11. Sound therapy
  12. Honey
  13. Equine Holistic Options
  14. Organic Farming
  15. Plant diversity
  16. Composting
  17. Hospice
  18. Dozens of links to holistic web sites.

Dr. Margo Roman, with much help from Simone Hnilicka and others, is also the driving force behind the DVD

Dr. Do More, highlighting holistic veterinarians.

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