Prepare for the Hurricanes (and other emergencies)

ASPCA has a good basic article reminding you of the keys to being sure your cherished companion animals do not end up lost in an emergency. I think the one many forget is to have a neighbor likely to be home designated as your temporary caretaker and have them supplied with keys and knowledge of where your travel kit is located.

  1. safe havens
  2. permanent foster if you are killed
  3. ID tags/microchipping (most holistic feel these are probably ok, some feel not good)
  4. Medical records/contact for medical help/up to date list of treatments.
  5. Recent  photos.
  6. STUFF – collars, leashes, litter boxes (or note to remind you to get it), toys, blankies, etc.

Of course, I would add a number of holistic things to have on hand.

  1. Rescue Remedy or other emergency flower essence. Since they keep for decades, think about some of the combinations you may need depending on the personality of your dog, cat, horse or other pet.
  2. Some herbal topical treatments for any wounds.
  3. for any with fears of noises or strangers (please try to cure these ASAP) maybe a thunder jacket or at least an ace bandage with which you practiced making the figure 8 calming wrap.
  4. Marshmallow root and Mitomax probiotic for any digestive upsets.
  5. One or two of your holistic health care books.
  6. A note reminding you to pick up all the currently prescribed holistic medicines.

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