Removing ticks

Tick season is upon us. My cat has had a few ticks on his ear flaps, so I started using rose geranium oil on him.  Though he does not like it when I rub a small amount of undiluted oil on his neck and ears, he seems fine after a few minutes and it repels ticks for several weeks, so he only gets treated 4 – 5 times a year.

There are many products to repel ticks, and one of my favorite is Shoo Tags (good for fleas, mosquitoes and more – people, too). Another I mean to try is Noni, for veterinarians visited the farm as part of the Kauai Herb class. all who ate it and fed to their pets found zero to fewer ticks. Unlike fleas, ticks will land on even healthy people and animals, but healthy animals will be much less likely to get infected with the Lyme disease organism, Borrellia. So start now to carefully follow the 7 Keys to Health, and track the Early Warning Signs in a Journal.

From Pet Pav is a good article on removing ticks. 


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  1. I assume you are asking bout the shoo tags, rosemarie?
    Yes, their site is

    Also, several people have mentioned that their pets pull of the tags, so you can actually tape the tags flat to the collar to prevent that. it will still work.

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