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IBD and acid reflux

In the post on July 29 I covered the basic answers to any health related question for people or animals (probably plants too). Please read that post before (or after) reading the specific answer here. Remember to thank Mother Earth each time you go for a walk - and the trees, water...all life. They so appreciated being [...]

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Dr. Dobias on Pancreatitis

On Dr. dobias's Natural Healing website, he recently posted a great article about pancreatitis, how animals get it and the natural approaches to healing it. He begins with implication dry food in causing the inflammation in some animals, and I definitely agree. The additions to his treatment suggestions would be homeopathy. He is a great [...]

Diarrhea in Cats – Tritrichomonas

When researching an answer for a client, I came across two interesting articles. One said there was a "new agent in feline diarrhea". Another article said Tritrichomonas foetus was first reported in 1956 in cats. As many our cats become weaker from the many stressors, they become more susceptible to being infected by and developing symptoms [...]

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