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“Yeast” skin and ear infections

A reader queried - Dr, C, I 2 yr old Schnoodle rescue has a yeast problem. He is liking and licking, pads and groin. Groin very red. Tea tree shampoo? Thanks From a conventional perspective, we think of something (yeast) causing the problem (itchy skin, redness) then look for something to "get rid of [...]

Most Common Ailments

June 2012 of the Veterinary Practice News says that chronic disease is on the rise in pets. From a holistic standpoint this is not surprising - increase the toxic load and stop the symptoms expressed by the vibrational pattern and illness is the result. Banfield Pet Hospital's Pet health 2012 report attributes the increase " [...]

Reiki and Qigong

I speak frequently about the wonderful work of Gail Pope and BrightHaven. One of their commitments is to promote holistic animal healing. The following, referring to classes held in California, is a great discourse on the energy healing methods of Reiki and Qigong. Reiki is so easy to learn and so powerful to decrease pain and "detox" [...]

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