Using Animal Communicators to Hear Your Animals

I just had a wonderful conversation with Betty Lewis, a long time animal communicator and author of Animal’s Speak which actually teaches you to hear your own animals. Since I still seem a bit challenged in this area, I asked her about my 14 year old cat Ed’s aversion to litter boxes. He is blessed to have access to outdoors and he said many interesting things for us to ponder, and for you to ask your cat, when you learn to hear him/her.  Stool and urine are the way we communicate with each other and all other life in our area. We choose different substrates for different messages. While dog sniffing does communicate status, sex, etc, the stool and urine communicate our actual essence. It is very complicated.  I could never understand why you flush away all those means you have of communicating. Litter boxes are disgusting because you can’t change the formula. It is like trying to communicate with each other on a small piece of paper and writing over and over and over with each new message so new and old cannot be read at all.



One thought on “Using Animal Communicators to Hear Your Animals

  1. hahahahaha???

    Are you attributing without quotation marks to Ed’s remarks, starting with “Stool and urine are the way WE….”


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