why shorter lifespans?

A recent post by Dr. Becker at Mercola listed the life spans of different breeds from several studies and most are decreasing, in spite of veterinary organizations saying pets are living longer. One comment to the post spoke of their Irish Setterish dog in the 1940s living to 18 and still doing great except for a mammary tumor. She wondered why life spans had decreased.

My response:

fee, what happened is what you read about from Dr. Becker and all the posters here:
over vaccination, commercial foods, deterioration of the soil nutrients even in fresh foods, GMOs and glyphosate/roundup causing biofilms in the gut preventing good immune responses, the goal of sterility (do not play in the dirt, use 6 month chemicals to prevent pest, never feed raw meat d.t. bacteria, landlords not allowing pets, etc), EMFs (smart meters have caused major illnesses), stress and busyness (people think a hidden fenced yard is all the exercise a dog needs and that cats need no mental stimulation) and the veterinary goal of eliminating symptoms has become more efficient as big Pharm pumps out more and more chemicals and drugs.

Please comment below as to other reasons you think life spans have decreased.

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